Monday, September 20, 2010

Seeing Stars

  The one thing I always notice about cross stitch fabric is that it is usually dull, dull, dull. It often seems that everything about this craft is stuck in the nineties. At least that's how it appears in the U.S. I've been to needlepoint exhibitions in France, and there, many young people are getting into cross stitch. Patterns and fabrics there aren't dull or drab: they're classic, tasteful and very appealing. The French certainly have an eye for beauty. I've seen lovely work done be French ladies, often deep red stitches on forty (very fine) count natural linen. Their taste is just so sharp and classy.

   That's not to say that here in the states or in other parts of the world cross stitch is lagging too far behind; I would venture to say that a genuine American theme that acts as a common thread (no pun intended!) these days is the primitive American style. We're in a time of recession, and I feel that people naturally turn to crafting, to pastimes and hobbies that people have done for generations. We tend to look back in time for inspiration.  
  Enough rambling! I suppose that my inspiration for this fabric was purely American, and I hope it adds a little spice to the cross-stitch world. I would love to stitch motifs of old Americana in deep red on this fabric and think the finished product would look just in place in a beautiful primitive-style home. It's a navy background with mustard-colored stars. I finished it off with a sparkle effect that really makes it shimmer.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gourdgeous Gourds!

Around early July I planted a packet of gourd seeds against a fence in the backyard. To my surprise, they ended up being one of the healthiest things we planted this year! They grew and grew, blossomed in big white and yellow flowers, and then one day I finally noticed little gourds growing. So far, four varieties have matured. I didn't even notice the biggest ones until I really got up close to them one day and was shocked at how big they were! I couldn't resist picking a couple, but I know they'll change color so I left a few to see how different they get...

The smaller one is a different variety and I love the stripes on it. 
I think the pale green of the larger gourds is an unexpectedly spooky Halloween color: sickly green and almost ghostlike! I think it could really work well alongside the traditional black and orange. How cool would a theme of just white and pale green work for a Halloween display?!

I just love the way this looks! Very sophisticated.  How do you plan on decorating for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving this year?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween is Coming...

I know I'm rushing the season just a little, but I really can't help it! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I started thinking about it back in the end of July. I'm already planning my costume and a Halloween party, so of course a had to stitch a few Halloween-related things. I decided to use a really cool fabric I found from, called "Halloween Check." I love the colors in it, so I let them stand out and did some tiny simplistic designs: 


I just love the blog Threadwork Primitives and the very Halloween-y patterns that Nan showcases! I'd like to try out her new "Harvest Moon" pattern.

Bumblebee Cross Stitch & Pattern

Here's a little bumblebee I designed and stitched! He's a really simple design but I think he looks so crisp and bright against a hand-dyed coral colored linen that I dyed. If you like the way he came out, here's the pattern! 



I used four colors here: black, dark grey, bright yellow, and cream. I think he  would also look great stitched on a lavender colored fabric. 

To get this look, you can use DMC 727; 413; 746 and 310.

X Happy Stitching! X